Wine Down Friday Presents!

Feb. 9th    Matt Eden

Combined with a soulful and emotive vocal style, Matt’s passion for musical expression brings a genuine joy to his performances.  We welcome Matt to his first “ Wine Down Friday”.

Feb. 16th    Ray Jozwiak

Ray is the creator and chief perpetrator of “Gonzo” style piano.  His creativity and expressive style blends modern and old school jazz, with contemporary classics.  Ray is also a member of the legendary prog/rock trio OHO.

Feb. 23rd     Rob Robinson

Rob’s musical influences include pop, rock, country, folk and blues.  His rich baritone voice and percussive style of guitar playing are the perfect vehicle that drives his songs.

March 2nd       Scott Barrett

When asked recently about his performance style, Scott concluded that he took inspiration from the famous line in the film Fatal Attraction: “I will Not be Ignored”.  Variety best describes his song selection that spans 8 decades.               “Don’t be afraid….he’s really quite harmless”  Fred Wilson

March 9th       Todd C. Walker

Once in a while someone comes along who writes songs that immediately sound like old friends.  Finding inspiration in the people around him this award winning songwriter creates songs about life, decisions, and the journey taken as a result.

March 16th       Peat & Barley

Like a fine whiskey, Peat & Barley’s music is complex, inviting and always goes down smooth.  Their special Celtic inspired blend of hammered dulcimer and fiddle will be the perfect kick off to the St. Patricks weekend.

March 23rd     Doug Alan Wilcox

Passionate, Insightful, Funky and Folky.  “Doug Alan Wilcox has the soul of a poet, and the songs to prove it.  He immediately became a favorite guest on Acoustic Highway”        Barry Graham.