If your interested in being a volunteer for Elk Run at one of the Festivals this year please file out the page below:

Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Please Type Which Festivals you would like to volunteer for in the box at the bottom.

Wine Sampling Guidelines

When volunteering at a winery, you may be pouring wine samples to festival patrons. While all persons are ID’d at the front gate and will wear wristbands if of-age, you should ask for identification for anyone without a wristband, or if you suspect someone under 21 is attempting to gain access to alcohol.

All volunteers should be aware of general alcohol service guidelines. It is your responsibility to ensure no one under age is served, and that no one under the influence of alcohol is served. Review the guidelines in the alcohol server document below.

Volunteer Sampling Policy

Volunteers may not sample wine while serving samples to the public. Winery volunteers may sample wine prior to—and after—their shift, but not while pouring wines in the winery tent.

Volunteer Entry Procedure

If you have committed to volunteering for MWA or a winery at the festival, your name will be on the winery’s check-in list at the festival. If you do not recall the shift you committed to work, please call or e-mail your contact with whom you made the arrangement to volunteer.

Volunteers will check in at the volunteer check-in located at the main gate. Volunteers will be ID’d, provided a wristband and a tasting glass. Volunteers will sign-in next to their name on the winery’s check-in sheet. If your name is not on the list, you will not be admitted.

Parking Information

Volunteers enter through the main gate and should follow the parking staff’s directions to the designated parking area.

Further instructions will be given at the tent, please rememeber to bring an Elk Run T-shirt if you have one, if not one will be provided to you at the tent.

Thank You.